Whatever your injury we provide expert advice and management strategies to help you get fast, effective results.
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Understanding the Problem

We aim not only to resolve your symptoms but help you to understand the cause of your problem so that you never have to see anyone for the same injury again – a solution, not just a band aid.

We specialise in sports injuries, spinal pain and postoperative rehabilitation, and we are experts in the following:

• Video analysis & movement correction
• Exercise therapy
• Hands-on manual therapy
• Functional strength & conditioning
• Deep tissue massage and stretching
• Spinal mobilisation and manipulation
• Exercise prescription
• Personal training
• Posture & work station set up
• Corporate health & wellness
• Cognitive-behavioral strategies


We treat a wide range of sports injuries and spinal complaints, from acute injuries, to overuse and chronic conditions, including:

• Acute and chronic sports and back injuries
• Post Operative Rehabilitation (after surgeries such as ACL reconstructions, spinal surgery, fractures, rotator cuff repairs, and hip & knee joint replacements).
• Growing and adolescent pain
• Overuse and repetitive strain injuries
• Neck pain and cervical headaches
• Hip, groin and pelvic girdle pain
• Lower back pain and sciatica
• Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain
• Ankle & Knee injuries
• Patellofemoral knee pain
• Achilles tendon injuries
• Plantar fasciitis and foot injuries
• Arthritis and Osteoporosis

If you are unsure whether physiotherapy is the right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss the appropriateness of different treatment options, or where necessary, refer you on to the appropriate specialist.


We deliver high-quality, unrushed, one-on-one sessions for both ACC and private patients (no doctor's referral required)

If your injury was the result of an accident, a good part of your treatment cost will be covered by ACC regardless of what you were doing when you were injured – whether driving, playing sport, at work or at home; and regardless of how the injury happened, even if it was something you did yourself; and no matter what age you are or whether you're working or not.

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to see us, if you haven’t filled out an ACC claim, you can fill one out at the clinic.

One Hour - Initial assessment and treatment

$180 Private, or $105 with ACC

45 Minutes - Longer treatment

$135 Private, or $80 with ACC

30 Minutes - Standard treatment

$90 Private, or $55 with ACC

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