Back Fix App

In 2014 Antony produced the ‘BACK FIX’ app for iPhone & iPad. Developed in conjunction with a spinal orthopedic surgeon, Olympic sports physicians and a team of international sports physiotherapists (including the Wallabies, Sevens and Diamonds team Physiotherapists) the app aims to educate people about how to self-manage their back pain and provides useful no-nonsense tips, stretches and exercises to help people get their back functioning painlessly again as quickly as possible.

About Us

Our friendly, expert, team is led by past NZ Winter Olympic Lead Team Physiotherapist, Antony Bush.

With 20 years experience in both spinal pain and musculoskeletal sports injuries, Antony has worked with a wide variety of elite international athletes. As previous principal of Queenstown Physiotherapy for 10-years he treated a variety of multisport, extreme sport and snow sport athletes. Antony has recently returned from 5-years working at a private sports medicine clinic at the Sydney Academy of Sport where he worked with a wide range of triathlon, athletics and ball sports athletes alongside the Wallabies, Sevens and Diamonds team physiotherapists.

Antony has treated Olympic gold medalist rowers and alpine skiers, members of the All Blacks, ITU World Championship Triathletes and World Champion curlers. But he is just as happy helping keen weekend warriors and members of the general public.

Antony also has a special interest in corporate health and wellness and is passionate about getting people away from their smart phones and computer screens and moving about in our great outdoors. He is a keen multi-sporter and Coast-to-Coaster.

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